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Woosa is a WordPress and WooCommerce plugin provider. They focus mainly on categories like marketplaces, dropshipping for WooCommerce, and payment gateways. We helped them with content creation for their website, focusing on generating leads through SEO-optimised content.

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Implemented skills


Highlights of the project

  • Helped them to get more traffic on their website.
  • Get more leads through blogging content
  • Rank higher on multiple important keywords
  • Worked closely with their team on content creation.

Client objective

Woosa, a WordPress and WooCommerce plugin provider, wanted to improve its search engine rankings through content marketing. Specifically, they aimed to increase organic traffic to their website by publishing high-quality blog posts.

Our strategy

To help Woosa achieve its goal, NutzBoltz developed a content marketing strategy focused on writing two weekly blog posts for Woosa's website. Our team worked closely with Woosa to identify topics and keywords aligned with their business objectives and target audience.

We conducted keyword research to identify high-value keywords that Woosa could potentially rank for. Then, we developed a content plan that included blog post topics and titles that were optimized for these keywords.

Our work

Once we had a plan, we began writing and publishing blog posts for Woosa. We created high-quality, informative content optimized for search engines and targeted Woosa's audience. An example of blog post we delivered for Woosa is "Best High-Ticket Dropshipping Niches" and "VidaXL Dropshipping".

Throughout the process, we worked closely with Woosa to ensure that our blog posts aligned with their branding and messaging. We also tracked the performance of each post to identify areas for improvement and refine our strategy.


Our content marketing efforts significantly impacted Woosa's search engine rankings. We helped them to rank higher for many keywords in Dutch and English, including:

  • Best platform for dropshipping
  • Platforms to dropship on
  • High-ticket niches
  • Best high-ticket dropshipping niches
  • High-ticket dropshipping products

This increased organic traffic to their website and improve visibility in search engine results pages.

Overall, our work with Woosa helped them to achieve their objective of improving their search engine rankings through content marketing.


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