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Moqod, a software development and nearshoring company based in Amsterdam, approached NutzBoltz for help with increasing sales. We were able to create a content strategy that collected necessary lead information, leading to a significant increase in qualified leads for Moqod.

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Implemented skills

Conversion Rate Optimization
Organic Social Media

Highlights of the project

  • Created a new strategy for lead generation.
  • Doubled website traffic.
  • 5X'ed the amount of leads coming in.
  • Helped the company to get new clients.
  • The investment had a positive ROI.

Client Objective

Moqod, a software development and nearshoring company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, reached out to NutzBoltz in September 2021 for help increasing its sales.

Our Strategy

To help Moqod achieve its goal, we conducted competitor research and digital analysis. Through competitor analysis, we found that lead magnets attached to informative blog content were a key takeaway. Our digital analysis revealed that paid traffic was not effective, while referral traffic had a low bounce rate and was much more effective. Based on our research, we proposed a content strategy that would utilize longer-form blog content to drive referral traffic to the website, where visitors would be prompted to fill in their lead information in return for more content or a freebie.

Our Work

We worked with Moqod to create a content strategy that would collect necessary lead information. This involved placing CTAs on social media channels to drive traffic to Moqod's website, where visitors could read informative blog content and fill in their lead information to access more content. This lead information was then put into a CRM system where they were qualified and filtered based on set rules, and an account manager reached out to the lead.


In the first month site traffic tripled and the number of leads multiplied five times, which lead to a total amount of 10 qualified leads coming in that month from one campaign.


"Jelle is proactive and has very strong industry knowledge. I am more than satisfied with the results he has been able to provide to my company."

Slava Todavchich, Moqod


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