D2C case


Momentframe is a D2C webshop selling custom plexiglass decoration. MomentFrame was looking for a growth partner after getting some traction. D2C isn’t our ideal customer profile, but we saw fit with our team and expertise to help MomentFrame grow significantly. MomentFrame participated in our 90 Days of Growth and we scaled the total monthly sales within that period by +3.100%.

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Implemented skills

Conversion Rate Optimization
Pricing structure
Paid advertising
Snapchat advertising
User Generated Content
Influencer marketing

Highlights of the project

  • Created a growth strategy focused on increasing amount of monthly sales.
  • Increased the total monthly sales by +3.100%.
  • €6,79 cost per purchase via Snapchat advertising.

  • Reach of 1M+ people via influencer marketing without marketing spend.
  • +15.2% increase in average order value.

Client Objective

MomentFrame found a product-market fit with their product and realised some traction early on. But they were in need of a growth partner to realise significant growth.

Our Strategy

We started by filling in our growth dashboard and brainstorming multiple channels to generate more traffic and sales. The first step is a redesign of the webshop focused on a higher conversion rate and average order value. The other growth experiments are focused on increasing website traffic and sales. We prepared the top-5 growth experiments in our growth dashboard. These were website redesign, new pricing structure, Snapchat advertising and influencer marketing.

Our Work

We created a more converting design for the webshop together with our Shopify partner agency Maison Commerce. This webshop included the new pricing structure. the initial product price increased, but you would get the 2nd MomentFrame with 50% discount. This way we increased the average order value by 15.2%.

At this point of time, Facebook and Instagram advertising were the most popular platforms to advertise for D2C product like these. However, these platforms can be expensive, and our hypothesis was that we could reach four times the amount of people from the target group on Snapchat for the same price. This worked out better than expected. By advertising on Snapchat, we were able to reach a bigger audience at a lower cost, which resulted in more conversions. So if you're looking for a more cost-effective way to reach your target audience, don't be afraid to try something else.

Even though we haven't spend anything on influencer marketing, we were able to have two successful campaigns with Dutch influencers, Don de Jong and Day1 from JayJay Boske and DJ La Fuente. We sent Don de Jong our products through connections we had, and he promoted it in two YouTube videos and on his Instagram story. This resulted in reaching millions of people at once, which caused an influx of traffic on our website. We also gave a custom Day1 AlbumFrame as a Christmas gift to JayJay Boske's team from Day1. This resulted in being posted on JayJay Boske's Instagram and La Fuente's Instagram. By not spending anything on influencer marketing, we were still able to have successful campaigns that reached a wide audience.


We created a growth strategy and followed our 90 Days of Growth structure to realise the following results:

  • Increased the total monthly sales by +3.100%.
  • €6,79 cost per purchase via Snapchat advertising.
  • Reach of 1M+ people via influencer marketing without marketing spend.
  • +15.2% increase in average order value.


"Overall, NutzBoltz has been an integral part of our growth strategy, and we could not have achieved such rapid success without their support. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient partner to help them grow their online business."



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